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9 Luxury Properties for Sale Koh Phangan

We have the best collection of Luxury Properties in Koh Phangan, Thailand. From luxury sea view villas, to mountain view houses we can help you find your perfect property on the island. ..Read More

Luxury Property for Sale in Koh Phangan

In the last few years there have been some noticeable private Luxury Property Developers in Koh Phangan who specialize in building Luxury Sea-view Villas in Haad Salad, Luxury Villas in Hin Kong, and Luxury Beachfront Villas in Koh Phangan. Conrad Villas proudly boast the most extensive portfolio of Luxury Real Estate in Koh Phangan available on the market.

We have multi-lingual Luxury Property Agents in Koh Phangan who can guide you on finding the very best Luxury Villas for Sale in Koh Phangan. Our experienced local agents are well-known for being honest, reliable and professional, and can explain the market as a whole completely transparently, and the relative pros & cons of purchasing and investing in each area in this enchanting paradise island.

Luxury Properties for Sale in Koh Phangan

We have the best collection of Luxury Properties for Sale in Koh Phangan, Thailand. From Luxury villas for Sale, Beachfront Villas for Sale, private homes sea-view condominiums & apartments we can help you find your perfect dream Luxury Property in Koh Phangan.

Koh Phangan Luxury Villas for Sale

Buying a Luxury Villa in Koh Phangan can be an exciting and prosperous opportunity; however, it can also be a way to lose time, money and energy if you choose the wrong property, agent or lawyers to transact the sale or purchase of your dream Luxury Villa in Koh Phangan.

At Conrad Villas we aim to remove as much as possible of the stress and risk as possible, so you can undertake your property search and purchase as smoothly as possible, without any complications. Our resources are here to help you to safely Buy a Luxury Property in Koh Phangan.

There are many different types of Luxury Properties for sale in Koh Phangan, however they can mainly be broken-down into the following categories:

Luxury Villas for Sale in Koh Phangan

There is a limited supply of Luxury Villas for Sale in Koh Phangan, and many are not simply available for sale as owners do not wish to say goodbye to their high rental-returns, or dream property in paradise!

Most of the Luxury Villas are located on the West and South Western Coast, whilst the eastern parts of island are still largely undeveloped and the Northern parts upcoming in popularity. The spectacular sunsets on the West coast are another reason for its charm.

On Haad Salad Bay there are a number of Luxury Villa Developments for Sale, mainly due to the close up raised up hillside that protrudes close to the beach and the relatively developed infrastructure.

Some of these Luxury Sea-view Villas in Haad Salad include 24 hour security, underground electric, communal pools and restaurants and are fully managed for owners, making a streamline property investment.

Further down in the Hin Kong hillside, there are also some Luxury Sea-view Villas in Hin Kong. These properties feature panoramic more ‘set-back sea-views’ and glorious sweeping mountain-views of the endless rolling coconut groves and a beautiful backdrop of the majestic mountains in the background.

The Luxury Homes for sale in Koh Phangan normally range from around 15-30 million Thai baht or more, but only a a small selection of properties are available in the 1 million dollar or more price-range.

These Luxury Villas for Sale also include a lot more natural wooden features compared with the mainly concrete structures of Luxury Properties in Koh Samui. This is in-keeping with the more rustic and bohemian style of the island, and fits with the property design style.

Sea-view Villas for Sale in Koh Phangan

There are many Sea-view Properties in Koh Phangan around the 10 million Thai baht range, that whilst they cannot truly be considered “luxury” are still very comfortable in terms of quality and amenities. It is possible to buy a Sea-view Villa in Phangan for around 5-10 million Thai Baht, but these are much smaller.

There are Affordable Sea-view Villas in Haad Salad available for under 5-million-baht range, which is extremely competitive when compared with Property for Sale in Koh Samui. These cottages feature a lot of wood and natural materials and are available for sale off-plan.

Sea-view Luxury Apartments in Koh Phangan

There are a very limited supply of Apartments for Sale in Koh Phangan and almost no condominiums available. This is due to the strict licensing and environment laws, and also the limited supply of organized, affluent Property Developers building these properties in Koh Phangan.

However, it is still possible to find some ‘resale’ Luxury Apartments for Sale in Koh Phangan located on the pristine Haad Salad bay, with beautiful sea-views, luxury amenities and premium infrastructure. These popular projects often sell-out quickly and resale properties in these projects are also difficult to find.

Beachfront Properties for Sale in Koh Phangan

It is also quite rare to find Luxury Beachfront Villas for Sale in Koh Phangan on the market, however Conrad Villas offer the best selection of Beach Villas for Sale on the island.

Some of the other beach villas available for sale are typically old wooden Thai houses and cheaper properties. Some of these exclusive properties are not listed online on our website, so please feel free to Contact Us for a customized shortlist of Luxury Properties to suit your individual requirements.

There are still some amazing new developments by experienced developers on the island that are offering Luxury Oceanfront Villas for Sale in Koh Phangan. These are available from around the 25-50 million Thai Baht price-range and are available ‘off-plan’ and fully customizable in layout and finishing.

Luxury Houses for Sale in Koh Phangan

Houses differ from Villas largely in their design, price and amenities. Whereas villas will typically be more expensive with luxury amenities such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis and fitness rooms, whereas houses will typically be more residential and designed purely for living and not as a holiday rental investment.

At Conrad Villas however we specialize exclusively in Luxury Villas for Sale in Thailand. Feel free to visit our other website at Conrad Properties for a selection of more affordable homes.

Covid Property Discounts in Koh Phangan

With the current pandemic and the personal financial situations of many property owners on Koh Phangan our main website Conrad Properties also has a wide range of COVID-19 Discounted Property for Sale.

Whilst land prices in Koh Phangan have been mainly unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic, some private owners are reducing their properties by around 10-30% in price, due to their own personal financial difficulties. It is now a very good time to Buy a Property in Koh Phangan due to more bargaining-power.

Normally the more strongly properties discounted by around 20-30% are rarer and generally only found with older properties where the styles less current and stylish and in some case owners may have already made substantial rental returns and use of the property, so may be willing to part with it at a low price.

Although there have been relatively new properties built in the last few years, it is still possible to find some attractive discounts of 10-20% and some popular New Developments in Koh Phangan. It is still possible to drive a harder bargain with developers during the Covid pandemic period, and receive some discount, free furniture package or more flexible or extended payment plans.

With the new modern villa projects launched since the pandemic, it is unlikely you will receive a discount of 10-30%+ compared to some older tropical properties, due to the limited supply in reliable new modern sea-view projects available on the island and some projects having been launched during this Covid pandemic market. However, it is certainly much easier than before the pandemic to get a good deal!

With some owners of Beachfront Villas for Sale and Luxury Villas in Koh Phangan often the final discounted price may not be advertised on our website due to the owner’s personal reasons therefore, it is best to Contact Us for a shortlist of suitable discounted properties.

Luxury Property Investment in Koh Phangan

There is a more limited supply of Luxury Property for Sale in Koh Phangan, therefore owners and developers are able to dictate their entry level prices, compared to the more competitive Luxury Property Market in Koh Samui.

Land prices in Koh Phangan are steadily increasing in price and there has been no noticeable reduction in land prices since the Covid pandemic situation. It is still possible however to find some prime sea-view land investments of ½-1 rai (800-1,600 sqm) for under 100,000 USD.

Now the prime panoramic sea-view plots are available for sale on the market for approximately 5 million THB per rai upwards. Or for bulk-purchase multiple plots can be as low as 3 mill THB per rai in some cases.

With a limited supply available of Luxury Villas for Sale and Beachfront Properties for Sale in Koh Phangan, there is still a prime opportunity for building your own modern beach villa, and either reselling at at a substantial profit or renting the property via 3rd party OTAs such as Airbnb and other luxury rental websites.  

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic there are also many Commercial Property Investments in Koh Phangan available from either motivated or in some cases bankrupt sellers who have been financially affected since the economic downturn in tourism.

This unfortunate situation for many locals has nevertheless created some investment opportunities for the more fortunate new investors. Many of these options are not listed on our websites, so feel free to Contact Us for a full list.

Where to Buy Luxury Property in Koh Phangan?

It is important with any Luxury Property Investment, particularly in a foreign country, to carry-out your own personal research to ascertain which is your favourite area, and also which is popular with buyers & renters too, in case you may wish to resell or rent your property in the future.

Luxury Property for Sale in Thong Sala

For residential Luxury Real Estate Investment the majority of the freehold Luxury Property for Sale in Koh Phangan is available on the sunset West coast and on the South Western area of Thong Sala, with its ferry piers connecting to the mainland and the larger island of Koh Samui, with its International Airport.

Thong Sala is the main town in Koh Phangan, and as such has an array of amenities available, including banks, schools, hospitals, supermarkets and street-food markets. This plethora of amenities and more developed infrastructure makes Thong Sala a stable area for Property Investment.

As it is difficult to find any Luxury Real Estate Agencies in Koh Phangan, and even harder to find a reputable and reliable Luxury Property Agency in Koh Phangan. Therefore, it is important to check the company’s website, their listed directors (and their backgrounds) and the public reviews on Google and Facebook for an insight into what their customer’s say. In some cases, these may be hidden, which can be warning sign!

At Conrad Villas we hire only experienced and reliable Luxury Property Agents to represent us on the ground, and we work only with the best trusted partners and networks. We have carefully handpicked our Luxury Villas for Sale on the market for you to save your valuable time, energy and minimize any potential risk for your planned Luxury Property Investment in Koh Phangan.

Luxury Property for Sale in Hin Kong

The Western coast of Koh Phangan also boasts a popular emerging village of Hing Kong, famous for its stunning sunsets and magnificent sweeping coastlines, lined with an eclectic array of unique beachside restaurants and bars, and also some beautiful Beachfront Properties for sale.

Around the corner of Hing Kong is the sleeping village of Sri Thanu, which is a laid-back bohemian area that offers an array of health, vegetarian & vegan restaurants and also some idyllic beachside detox resorts. This area has a vibrant community of people and is growing in popularity with locals, tourists, travelers and expats.

Set back from the main ring-road and coastline lies the majestic Hin Kong hillside, which has some hidden gems of Luxury Villas for Sale, which boasting mezmorising mountain and breath-taking ocean-views.

Luxury Property for Sale in Haad Yao

As you journey clockwise around the island, next is the peaceful town of Haad Yao, where there are many popular new projects and developments of Prime Sea-view Land for Sale in Haad Yao with spectacular panoramic sunset sea-views and mountainside views.

The infrastructure is less developed in this part of the island; however it is considered an ‘up-coming’ area with property investors, as demand outstrips supply for Sea-view Land and Luxury Villas for Sale.

Luxury Property for Sale in Haad Salad

The next town as you continue around the coastline clockwise is Haad Salad, with its charming pristine bay lined with popular beachside restaurants and private resorts & beach-bars.

During the peak season from January to February this part of island is often popular with tourists, sunbathing and watersports activities. The shore is lined with scenic fishing boats, creating a beautiful ‘picture postcard’ scene of paradise island life. This beach is also the perfect place to enjoy a sunset stroll.

On the hillside close towards the ocean are some popular Luxury Villas Developments for Sale and also some more affordable Sea-view Villas for Sale. Facing directly West this charming town boasts some truly breathtaking sunset seaviews.

Luxury Property for Sale in Chaloklum

One of the next notable popular towns as you carry on travelling clockwise around the island is the charming village of Chaluklum located in the North of the island.

This is also considered to be an ‘up-coming’ area for Property Investment in Koh Phangan, with prime and relatively affordable Beachfront Land for Sale in Chaloklum.

In this area there are some affordable new Sea-view Villas in Chaloklum with prices starting from as little as 5-6 million Thai Baht for a cozy 2–3-bedroom eco-style villa with private pool and stunning sea-views.

Luxury Property for sale in this area is extremely hard to find, as the infrastructure and popularity is still developing.

As you continue to travel further around the East coast and middle of the island, these areas are largely uninhabited and undeveloped, with a large amount of the land having prohibiting building due to the strict building regulations and zoning.

Luxury Property for Sale in Ban Tai

Located on the South Eastern coast of Koh Phangan Island is the beautiful beachside village of Ban Tai. It boasts beautiful sunrise sea-views and has close proximity to the new International School, therefore is ideal for expatriate families with children needing to attend school.

Ban Tai beach is relatively remote but is also a popular place for tourists to escape to detox resorts or retire and relax by the beach. Land prices in this area are still comfortably affordable with some competitively priced Sea-view Land for Sale in Ban Tai.

Luxury Property for Sale in Haad Rin

The next major town after Ban Tai in the tourist destination of Haad Rin bay, with its white soft sandy beach and popular monthly full-moon parties. This beachside town is often alive at nighttime during this full-moon period, with an array of entertainment and eating options.

Residential properties for Investment in Haad Rin are rare to find, and there are a limited amount of properties for sale  in this area – mainly due to the commercial popularity of the town and business in the peak periods from January to February and also the specific lunar cycles.

Summary of Luxury Property Market in Koh Phangan

Luxury Property Investment in Koh Phangan is still active even since the COVID-10 pandemic which affecting much of the island’s short-term tourist trade. However even considering this, property investors and expatriates from the big cities of Bangkok & Chiang Mai are still seeking Luxury Villa retreats with bigger green-spaces, in order to ‘retreat’ in relative safety away from these big cities – as space, privacy and health has naturally become more of a priority in this new ‘post Covid world’.

Whilst the land prices in Koh Phangan are still within reach, there has not been any crash or dip in land prices and little or no different in the prices new project property prices, as the island is still a popular place to live and invest, and there is such limited supply and such strong demand for this island.

If you are considering purchasing a Luxury Villa for Sale in Koh Phangan and would like informed, confidential advice or to arrange viewings in person or ‘virtual video viewings’, feel free to Contact Us and we will guide you to one of our experienced and reliable Luxury Property Agents in Koh Phangan.


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